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Food insecurity means the food which is not secure in a particular country or a state. It is situation when people need to live with hunger and fear starvation. There are certain reasons for food insecure in some states of india because of disasters occurred in some states of india . This may results in affecting all the grains stored in government granaries. When this grains are washed in calamities , it may results to high price in market where the poor people are not afford to buy the food due to high price. ! By this food is insecure in some states of india so the Government has to take action against this !
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It means unaffordability , unavalaiblity or unaccessable to people of society  or country.
             because the production of food is very less than the food is is unavailable than the prices go for some states it is 
unaffordable.Then also it is unaccessable to people.therefore, some states of India are more food insecure 
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