There are three commmponent important for population growth.they are :-
1.the high birth rates in a country.The brith rates are always higher than the death      rates.
2.the decline if death rates due to new scientific development.
3.migration:- diff. migration affect the population.

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From the past 10 decades , There is a rapid change in Population. Now a days the population is increasing day - by -day due to hig birth rates and low death rates . According to the 2011 census , the population of india is more 120 crores and perhaps it may be still growing in the upcoming year. Due to the advancement in nutrition and technology There is a decline in death rate but the birth rate is more than death rate because of illiteracy among the women but if women is educated then she can go according to the family planning and this may result in decline of birth rate. So the birth rate should be declined evwn farther. Migration is also one of the component of population growth . There are two types of migration -1) internal migration. .2) international migration. .. But this will not bring a change in Population but can change the population size in a state or country !
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