1.A non citizen cannot be a contesting candidate in the elections
the minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha or Assembly election is 25 years
For contesting an election as a candidate a person must be registered as a voter.
if a person is convicted of any offence and sentenced to an imprisonment of 2 years or more, this will be disqualification to contest elections.
 Every candidate is required to make security deposit of Rupees Twenty five Thousand
The Election Commission had recognized 6 Political Parties as National Parties and 36 Political Parties as State Parties in different States at the time of General Elections in 2004.
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There are certain limitations of the candidates when they contest elections . 1) A candidate is not supposed to do mal practices at the time of election. 2) Candidates should not threaten any voter by power or should not give bribe to any voter..3) Any non - citizen cannot become a contest elections. .Ex. ( indian people cannot not conduct election in Africa ) ....4) Before contesting any election He / she should be as a voter before contesting election. ......5) Before contesting any election He / she should give some money as a security deposit......6l The candidate must be qualified.
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