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Yes its true that cricket is a global game because Cricket is one of the most popular game all over the world. Today everyone likes to play game . Cricket comes from England, where it was known from the 16th century. During the expansion of the British Empire the Englishmen brought this game overseas. At the end of 18th century cricket became the national sport of England and were played in USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. The period of the First World War became a Golden Age for cricket, as the list of European countries, India and New Zealand have joined the cricket community. However, even before the Second World War, the popularity of cricket eventually decreased. But at present it's popularity has been increased all over the world. Thus cricket is a global game .
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Kerry packer is responsible for the Cricket is a global game today.he was a television tycon of austrailia.He had only  the money making potential in cricketat the global level.he singed 51 top cricket and started one days in mamwe of world serise cricket on t.v.these made crcket very famous and all the people all over the world cal watch the game.