Just replace my name with yours, and you'll be good to go! =)

Radhicka : Excuse me please!
Police Officer : Please have a seat. How can I help you?
Radhicka : I have to get a report registered.
Police Officer : What happened?
Radhicka : My gold chain was snatched in broad daylight.
Police Officer : Where did this incident happen?
Radhicka : Near Model Colony stop, College Road.
Police Officer : Did you get to see the person who snatched your chain?
Radhicka : Yes. .
Police Officer : Can you give me the description of what he looked like?.
Radhicka : He was about 5'8", dusky complexion, neck-length hair, and very skinny. He had this weird tattoo on his hand.
Police Officer : At what time did the chain-snatching occur?
Radhicka : Say, around 2:30 p.m. or so.
Police Officer : Okay. And any idea of how he got away?
Radhicka : Yes. After he snatched my chain, he sped off on a bike that was waiting for him.
Police Officer : Did you, by any chance, happen to notice any particulars about the bike? Like its license plate number, its color, or company?
Radhicka : Yes. It was a black Yamaha with neon green tire rims.
Police Officer : Okay. We will try to track down the thief. You must be careful though. A lot of chain-snatchers are operating on College Road, sneaking up on innocent victims.
Radhicka : Yes, sir. Thank you very much for your time.
Police Officer : Welcome, ma'am !
me: excuse me sir, excuse me sir. I wanna a file a complain. Can I?
policeman(pm): yes sure.... whts the matter?
 me: Today wen i was returning frm my frnd's house 2 young boys who were riding a bike. One of dem was riding and the other was sitting behind his back. He snatched my gold chain. I hv bruises all over my neck. Plzz i need my chain back. It was gifted by my father. 
pm: Sure v ll lodge ur complaint, but before dat u need to sigh on these papers which r quite important. 
me: (after signing) plzzz sir i want my chain back.
pm: V catch a lot of chain snatchers. U don't worry. V hv trained policemen for these kind of situation. U keep calm. V ll try our best.
 me: Plzz sir keep me informed. Thnx a lot.
pm: Its my work.