It has been decided to hold the Annual Day celebrations on the 25th of March, 2015 at the Auditorium. The event shall unfold from 10 AM sharp so that it will finish by 3.30 PM. The principal has decided to invite Shri. Prasad M.N, IAS, as our chief guest. A suitable momento is to be presented to him for his gracious presence in the festivities. 

Various ideas have been put forward for showcasing the students talents and to put a great show on for the parents and guests’ benefit. Group, solo, duet or trio dances; songs, from different sections of the school: primary, secondary and higher sections will be held. Students interested in group performances and solo performances for dance and songs are invited to give their names to the undersigned. Screening for suitable plays will also be held. 

Prizes won for various sports programs organized during Sports Day will be distributed during the Inaugural half of the Annual day celebrations. Students who have won prizes on Sports Day are requested to come dressed in white uniform.

There are spots vacant for compeering of the ceremony and the programmes. Screening process to be held for selecting a compere. 

Volunteers are required to help arrange, decorate and to superintend smooth conduct of the programmes. A team of volunteers would be responsible for preparing agenda for the Annual day programmes. Interested students are invited to submit their names. 

Last date for application to join any programme will be 25.02.2015

In case of any doubts or queries, please apply to the undersigned for clarification.
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               ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATION MEETING                                                 : BY AKIRA RAY
Sir, this is Akira Ray the Cultural Secretary and I am here to tell you about the meeting held for the forth coming annual day celebration. It has been decided that the chief guest(D.I.G Anwar Singh)will be reaching the destination by will be welcomed traditionally by tika.Then he will cut the ribbon and declare the fourth annual day celebration open. The event will be started by a prayer dance representing the Indian culture by class 7th students.Then there will a music performance by the school band i.e. lead by Shivam and Ria.Next we have small skit on Akbar and Birbal which will be conducted by class 4th students. Many other programmers’ like-aerobics, ring dance and so on will be conducted. Many games will also be organized especially for parents. The event will be ended by the prize distribution and the concluding speech by the Chief guest and Principal. The event will be ended by 6p.m in the evening. Thank you.

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