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You - Sir I want to register a complaint!!.
Policeman - Yes , Say what happened?
You- Sir , When I was going to my friends house A young boy snatched my gold chain and sped off on a waiting bike !
Policeman- Have you seen them ? Can you say how does he look?
You - Yes Sir the one who snatched my gold chain seemed like a young boy of 22.He was fair in colour . He was thin and tall.He wore a black jacket with a white shirt and blue jeans. 
Policeman- Ok ! We will soon inform it to you when we get any information register your phone no. and address here. ! You dont need to worry .
You - Yes sir my phone no. and adress  is ---- . Sir My gold chain was gifted to me by my grand mother and it is very worth for me . Please inform soon.
Policeman - Yes, Now you go home !
You- Thank you Sir!

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Imagine you are Aisha talking to police.
Aisha: Sir, I want to file a complaint
Policemen: About whom? What happened?Please tell your name.
Aisha : Sir , A young boy has just snatched my gold chain .
Policemen :How did it happened?
Aisha :Sir, A young boy has just snatched your gold chain and sped off on a waiting bike
Police:Do you know him?
Aisha :No sir !
Police :Can you tell about their appearance?
Aisha :Yes sir he looked young I think he is aged,18.He was takk about 5’7 he wore a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans.He was fair in color.
Police :Ok!we will try to catch the culprit but please tell about your chain.
Aisha:Sir,it was a golden chain,medium sized.My mom gifted it to me.It matters a lot to me.
Police:Ok Aisha.Please give submit your contact number and address.
Aisha:Sure sir,here’s it…………..
Police:Ok.we will contact you when needed
Aisha :Thank you sir.