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When we talk about Species like threatening or vanishing the first words come to our mind is " Declining" ... therefore vanishing spieces are those which are now less in no. and after a short period of time they wil Vanished off.There are no. of species which are in the end of vanish.. There are many causes or factors for which they are being declining .. Some factors are Deforestation , Shooting or hunting of animals which are less in no. and also for their leather products.. Their leather products are selled in markets at high prices. We should take some steps to conserve or protect these type of species . We should establish no. of ACTS so that people could get awareness.
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Vanishing species are endangered species...which means a species at risk of extinction bcoz of human activity (like hunting),changes in climate... One of the principal factors in the endangerment or extinction of a species is the destruction or pollution of its native habitat.. We need conserve them...
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