My Favourite website is It is a Home-work related site where we can ask ques. and 80% of ques. answered in less than 10 mins.I love this site a lot as this site helps me in mostly exam time and building the capability to write answers with own.This site is really great as we got many friends across the country and states.
I had got here many of best friends , they are really trustful.This Site also helps to Build one's knowledge like if one has asked about any Historical or science related ques. so we can look them and gain our knowlegde too.I think this is the best site.
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Everyday we use internet,we go through many sites.We notice some while,while we forget names of some.But one of my favourite site is Brainly is a company based in Cracow,Poland.The main of this site is to help students with their homeowrks.The main mission of this site is” to inspire students to learn and explore knowledge in a collaborative community".There many ranks given to users starting from Begginer,Helping Hand,Ambitious,Virtuoso,Expert,Ace ,Genius and so on.Here I can ask question when I have problems or difficulties with my homework.I can get my question's answers in minimum 10 minutes.I just love this site.Many subjects are available here.I can also answer questions as I am helping other users by this. I want to tell that Brainly has really helped me in my studies and I really want to thank the creator or founder of this  amazing site.Thank you .

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