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I have noticed that the young are drawn more towards the youth around their age rather than towards older persons or too younger persons.  The young often think less of and tend to ignore younger children.  The young often build a gap of culture, communication, life style, needs and timings of daily schedule.

The young often feel need for independent and free thinking and behaviour of their own rather than a stereotyped or typical behaviour expected by the parents.

Many young persons are now buried in studies and spend a lot of time seriously in education.  The competitive trends have changed the studies a lot.

Young like to live a life of a good standard.  Many young persons doing jobs and earning high salaries are tending to spend a lot, visit movies or clubs or drink a lot during the last few years.

The behaviour of young is inclined more towards the internet and computer.  Some time is spent on it.  Many young persons listen to music from their cell phones and spend a lot of time on phone.  Young especially employed have tendency to spend a lot of time dating and exchanging messages.

The young has become more wise, worldly, open, brave and demanding than in the earlier decades.

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