Make sentences with the following phrases:-
1. To turn up One's nose
2. To play to the gallery
3. Make light of
4. To save one's face
5. All the rage
6. To have an axe to grind
7. To sit on the fence
8. To rise to the occasion
9. Up to the mark
10. Behind the scenes
Plzzzz help me fast!!!!!!



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1.  I never turn up my nose at good dessert.  I like desserts, they are so delicious.
2.  Some T20 cricket players try to play to the gallery, to gain popularity.  Often it is required to play to the gallery to sustain the interest of the audience.

3. Often humble and shy persons don't make light of their past achievements.  These days every one has to make light of one's own performances to gain popularity.
4. It has become very difficult to save their faces when Indian international cricket players lose a game.   It is really a sad situation to be in when one has to save one's face.
5.  Indian fans of the cricket team will be all the rage when their favourite Indian cricket team does not perform well.
6. Wife or husband must not have an axe to grind, to live harmoniously together with love and affection.
7. Usually the parents cannot sit on the fence and stay neutral, when their children quarrel for some silly things.
8. Many a great Indian cricketer has risen to the occasion when it is required to score runs or take wickets and win the match for the country.
9. I try live up to the mark to win a good score in the eyes of my manager.  I prepare very well before exams or any event to be up to the mark.
10. It is not very good to make conceited and cheating plans behind the scenes.  One has to rehearse very well behind the scenes to perform better in front of the audience.

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