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Now a days, competition has become a major part of our student life. Although this is facing criticism, as this very competition some times takes an unhealthy turn, but surely no one can deny that this competition, even if sometimes harmful is very essential for success. Being a student myself, I know how much competition counts. There are innumberable times, when you almost feel like giving up,but just the want to outshine your competitor, doesn't let you give up. Be it at exams,or daily tution classes or even at home if you have got a sibling, competition in its proper spirit would always help enhance your performance. At classrooms too,its commom to find sudents, rubbing their shoulders together, this helps themwork harder to acheive their goal. Competition indeed leads or rather helps you to achieve success. However you would be easily fooled,if you are relying only on competitive spirit,as competiton is effective only when taken up along with proper talent.
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                     "Competition is a key to success in our life"

Competition is a key which leads us to great success.Now the question arises what does this competition means ? 

A competition means an occasion when two or more compete to give their best.It can be business , contests etc. But in student life a competition is done when a student compete with other student in studies , sports etc . They began to start hard-work.This competition provides the best environment we can compare our skills , our abilities , our knowledge to other.This competition gives courage to the students. It is a part of a student which can be avoided.

But only healthy competition is good for environment , skills , knowledge and success.A healthy competition will leads to good results .An unhealthy competition can lead to conflict and conflict will lead to disunity.Unhealthy competition can destroy equality among them.Their is also a negative effect of competition that is if a student who is competing with other and fails to prove himself , his/her condition will be worse off then before. 

But in my point of view if there is no competition in the world no one would succeed in their life and all people will be at a same level.
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