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1. A good Cure for cancer -- killing the organisms that cause cancer without damaging the good cells and weakening the patient.

2. Pollution controlling mechanism and processes.. Perhaps to convert the polluted  air , water into purer materials.

3. Fuels to run vehicles - cheaper fuels and cheaper processes .. other than oil- which is turning out more expensive/rare as the reserves coming down.

4. much safer nuclear energy production.  so that energy requirements can be met by the abundant nuclear energy.

5. cheaper and efficient solar energy based  equipments, vehicles, etc..

6.  efficient method to dispose of the e-waste.. from electronic materials.

7.  Good mechanisms for farming and agriculture for high quality, high nutritive foods.  A lot of research on bioscience and biotechnology has taken place.   Much of the genetically altered foods are not in use..

8.  A good full-proof practical technical mechanism to control corruption, and cheating by anonymous / duplicate identities to earn by taking the public and government property and funds.

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