The statue is in memory of a dog named Hachiko, who followed his master every day when he took the train to work. One day his master didn't return home and Hachiko waited for 9 years for his master's return home. Hachiko, died there waiting for his master and a memorial statue of Hachiko was erected in 1934. 
So , I think statue of dog is important landmark in Tokyo as remembarance of his sacrifice.

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The statue of that dog was of Hachiko. Hachiko loved his master very much . Hachiko used to sit down in the small square and wait for his master’s return from work in the late afternoon. The professor and his dog became a familiar sight, and the story of the faithful animal spread around Shibuya.In 1925 the proffesor died with a sudden heart attack at the university. But Hachiko waited for his master every day , and this days became weeks , weeks became months and moths became years. In rain and sunshine, wind and snow, the faithful animal was there. He became a public hero – the best-loved figure in Shibuya.  In 1935 the faithful dog died,.but not before Ando’s work had become famous all over Tokyo  . I think for this the statue of Hachiko was such an important landmark in tokyo.