'Website'-as the word itself implies is a site on the internet or WWW(World Wide Web).These sites have helped the human society in many ways.Whether its development,entertainment,information,current update across the globe or anything else.When options enter so do favorites.

There are always exceptions and every individual has its own liking.Similarly, when it comes to websites people have their own liking better known as -'favorites'.Some people like Facebook ,some like tumbler,some like brainly, wattpad, twitter,etc. and many more websites.

Well my favorite website is _______.I don't like it because its popular.I like it for my own personal reasons which I'd like to express.

Firstly,This website______________________.....

Hence,this website doesn't only has a vibe of interest but is also useful and trustworthy.It not only provides entertainment but also a lot of information and has helped me to learn various morals through its games and has also helped me to nurture my skills.Therefore, their is no doubt that every morning when I'm jolted awake from my beauty sleep by the uncaring rays of sun,I'm going to visit this site and make a bright start of the day.

Hope i helped u:) 

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My favourite website is brainly . This website really helps me in increasing my knowledge. We get answers for our questions in just few minutes. I think this website is the best all over the world. This wrbsite will really change a person and it will help him / her to understand more about certain things when they answer questions. There are several moderators in this website who plays a very important role in this site . Moderators usually give good answers and they delete answers which they find incorrect or copied. There are certain rules in this site which should be followed by all the users in this site. The admin of this website QBA who is very kind with others . I think Every person should register their name for brainly.