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The problems of everyday life could be solved adopting a scientific approach.This statement is absolutely true.The fact that our resources are soon going to get extinct is a major worry for our scientists.Scientific research has proved this by saying that all our resources will expire by 2050.Some say its true others claim it to be a rumor.But, some scientists have come with ideas that use an alternative resource in order to save these natural resources.
For example-

1.)Using solar appliances,like solar heater,solar cooker,solar water boiler,etc rather than wasting fuel.

2.)Using bio-gas for cooking instead of LPG,etc.

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It is true because we are given education for this reason tyo solve our day to day problems.For example if we see a fire then it can be extinguished by fire we know that.this is known by us that co2 can cut off o2 supply from which fire can be stopped.So in this way scientific approach is important even for our survival.for more you can see the episodes of DO OR DIE in national geography channel
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