Primary market     |     Secondary market

i.)the primary          i.) the securities
market creates        issued in the primary
  new securities 
        market are bought
  and offers them 
      and sold. 
  to the public.
 Wholesaler        |         Retailer

i.)Wholesalers         i.)Retailers consist
generally buy a          of small and large 
large quantity of
f         or-profit businesses
 products directly        
 that sell products 
from distributors.         
directly to consumers.
They sell goods
to retailers mostly.

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Primary Market - In this type of markets the producers sell their goods to wholesalers [basically agricultural products].
Secondary Market - This is the market where wholesalers sell their goods to the retailers.

Wholesaler - They buy goods in large quantity from the producers or organizers
Retailers - They buy goods from the wholesaler in small quantity and carry out their trade at place where consumers live.