Hello my name is pooja from goa i am here to talk with our local mla 
Pooja: hello sir how do you  do i hope so that your party is felling happy because you have won the elections with majority of votes. 

Local MLA: oh I am fine ya thats  true that me and my party is very much happy 
Pooja: so what will you do for the people? 

Local MLA: I will do everything for them because they have voted me and also I want say thanks to all the people who have voted me in the elections 

Pooja: thank you sir for being with us and talking 

Local MLA: Its My Pleasure
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Me : Congrats sir..!!! You had been nominated as the MLA of this society,how do u feel?
MLA : Thank u, i happy about that.
Me : One of our main problem in our society is the garbage disposal problem, there is no proper system for that in our society.So what r u going to o for the disposal of garbage???
MLA :  ya, i too know about that. I promise the people that i will definitely look into that matter.
Me : We hope , u do that. Thank u for spending yr time with us.
MLA : i am very thankful to the people of our society because having hope on me, they have elected me as the MLA and sure i will take measures for their clean and green society.
                                         Thank You
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