Fill in the blank with suitable preposition.
the committee deliberated___the plan of action_____ six hours.
the sun seemed to slide ____the sea at sunset.
every one ran_______the thief.
let us work_____this puzzle.
They were the messangers_____peace.
imagination is central________ poetry.
I am familiar _______the place.



1. At
2. For
3. At
4. After
5. On 
6. Of
7. A word with a preposition- Key to
8. With
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I) The committee deliberated on  the plan of action for  six hours.
The sun seemed to slide into  the sea at sunset.
iii) Everyone ran after  the theif.
iv) Let us work  on  this puzzle.
They were the messengers of  peace
Imagination is central in   poetry.
viii) I am familier with  this place.
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