A right circular cylindrical tank of diameter 2 m and length 40 m is to be constructed from a sheet of ironThe area of iron sheet required in m^2 is
The largest sphere is carved out from a cube of side 10.5 cm.the volume of sphere is
a hollow sphere of internal and external diameters 4 and 8 cm is melted into a cone of base diameter 8 cm height of cone is




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Width of iron sheet = circumference of cylindrical surface = π 2 meters
length = 40 m

area = 80 π meters²
the largest sphere will touch the 6 faces of cube at the center of each face. Thus
the diameter of sphere will be the distance between two opposite faces of the cube.  So diameter is equal to the side of cube : 10.5 cm
   radius = 5.25 cm
   Volume  = 4/3 π 5.25³ cm³
volume of material of hollow sphere =  4/3 π 8³ - 4/3 π 4³  = 4π/3 * 448  cm³
volume of cone :  1/3 π r² h = 1/3 π 4² h = 4 π /3 * 448
         h = 112 cm

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sir your answers for 2nd and 3rd part are wrong
the correct answers are 606.375cm^3 and 14cm
please correct them