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'After darkness comes light.' I've heard people say this and have endured it many times too.But never had I thought that the light can unfold so many secrets and magic that surround me yet go unnoticed. The sun was just rising, its  brilliant yet calming beams of light spreading in the sky giving it a reddish- orange shade with a tint of pink  that reminds me of cotton candy and the fluffy texture provided by clouds adds to the thought.The aroma of wet soil due to the rain last night is refreshing and reminds me of forest and life.The constant chirping of birds create a beautiful cheery melody in my ears and also help me from pushing away the remnants of the sleep that had kept me under its spell making me groggy and grumpy.Now that I think of it coming to my granny's house for vacation doesn't sound so bad.
"Clara!Breakfast is ready!",I heard my granny shout from the kitchen snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Coming Grandma!",I replied and rushed down the stairs to start yet another day of my teen life but the difference is that my surroundings are much more welcoming now, not that they weren't before.

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