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It based on imagination, ideas and supernatural things. The writer uses twisted words, poetic devices other language enhancing elements to give the written piece, a good taste and appearance. Examples of literary writing - Fiction, Poems etc..... Non-literary writing can be instructions, messages etc. which are written purely for the purpose of informing someone or are business and work related.The lack in rich language and words and are related to the reality only. Examples- Instructions given by teacher, a short note telling about progress at work. etc. These are all non- literary writings.

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In English , Literary writing does embody certain distinguishing characteristics. It is a self-conscious, imaginative mode of writing which uses words not just to convey information, but as an art form. Ultimately it is a response to life...Literary writing has also a biggest feature that is "FICTION" ! The best example for the features of literary writing could be is " As we swam toward the other side, our laughter sang through the trees that lined the shore."!!