1 why do u think the statue of a dog was such an important landmark in tokyo.?
2 from the passage write the discription of an ankita dog .
3 give title to the story. give reason why you think your title iz appropriate. .?
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Why do you think the statue of a dog was such an important landmark in Tokyo? 

Hachiko Was a very faithful dog. He loved his master .Hachiko used to sit down in the small square and wait for his master’s return from work in the late afternoon.  One day due to a sudden hart attack his master died . He  waited for his master for 9 years. In rain and sunshine, wind and snow, the faithful animal was there. The good people of Shibuya asked Teru Ando, a famous Japanese Sculptor, to make a statue of their friend Hachiko. In 1935 the faithful dog died, but not before Ando’s work had become famous all over Tokyo.
From the passage write the description of an Akita dog.

Akita dogs are famous in Japan. They are fairly large, golden-brown in colour, and they have pointed ears and sharp, clever faces. They are well-known for their loyalty.

Give a title to the story. Give reasons why you think your title is appropriate.
I think The title should be  Hachiko - The Faithful dog' .I think it will be appropriate as Hachiko was a very loyal dog of his master and he loved him very much.
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