Corruption Addressing one day party convention Vakil said, "My fight is not against any individual but it is against corruption eating into vitals of our society.” “Allegations of corrupting pouring in from any quarters must be investigated.  This menace has not only ruined our state but our country as well,” he added.
 People, he said, now have become aware of their rights and are not willing to accept corruption or corrupt.
 Appreciating the role of Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, who he said, all along is taking notice of allegations of corruption coming to his notice. “This shows his sincerity in eradicating corruption from our state,” Vakil said while addressing a party convention here in north Kashmir.
 He however regretted that some corrupt elements in our system were not cooperating and instead creating hurdles in this fight against corruption.
 The Chief Minister, he hoped would break this nexus of corrupt people and continue to take notice of adverse reports against departments regularly appearing in newspapers. There is a need of taking notice of such adverse reports for the reason that if they get unnoticed the credibility of coalition government is eroded.
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Corruption is the fore most thing in our country which is not allowing our country to get in high position. now a days  in every politics ,corruption will be going on. but the thing is  we need to stop it.we should be the first person to stop then others will be back or after us.
stop corruption,save the nation.
"An end to corruption is my plan if u join me friends im sure i can"
hope u like it;)