There is considerable merit in locating creative in writing with naturalness rather than with specializatioin. marginalized section of society, the under privileged, and the exploited can
make their voices heard effectively through stories, poems, novels,drama and autobiogrphy.
they may not have access to expensive or elite education so they may not be able occupy
the valorized positions in society; but everybody can tell a story

i write down the main ideas in the passage in your own words
ii make sentences with the passage
specialization, marginalized , under privileged, elite exploited, faintest feeling , sensations

iii what does "occupy the valorized positions in society" mean?

iv write passage using rhetorical devices on a person, idea or ideology



I.) Write down the main ideas in the passage in your own words.
The joy of achievement lies in locating those writings that naturally flow from the pens of the poor and downtrodden masses, people who do not go to costly and prestigious school of society and are not the socially famous. Their language is simple and devoid of ornamental jargons and depicts their stories through drama, poetry, novels and autobiography.  

ii.) Make sentences with the following- specialization, marginalized, underprivileged, elite, exploited, faintest feeling, and sensations.
a.) Jayanta has done his specialisation in the field of Mural art.
b.) The government is trying its best to raise the standard of living of the marginalised strata of society.
c.) CRY is an organisation working for the upliftment of the underprivileged children of the society.
d.) St. Xavier's School in Kolkata is an elite school and the alma mater of many well known personalities.
e.) The rural population, specially the poor farmers, are being exploited by the money lenders.
f.) Shravan was suffering from cancer but he did not let us have the faintest feeling of the pain that he was in.
g.) We fail to understand the sensations of the poor and downtrodden people of the society, without whose help we will not be able to pass a day.

iii.) What does “occupy valorized position in society” mean?
“Occupy the valorised position in society” means that the people are occupying place of fame and recognition in society.
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