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It was a terrible day in Gilbert Street, a man named Shaun got up to have breakfast. When he put on his slippers, there was super glue in them. Shaun tried to pull them off. He pulled so hard it ripped his skin off his feet. He had to bandage his feet.
After this start to the day, he forgot the time and that he had to start work in five minutes. He raced outside to his car but it didn’t work. So he started to run down the street to work. When he arrived, he was ten minutes late. 
The boss walked out and shouted, “You’re fired!”
After getting fired at work, Shaun decided to go to the zoo. When he got there the zoo was closed. That night Shaun jumped the fence into the zoo. He looked into the lion cage but there were no lions that he could see. When he turned around, he saw that there had been two big fat lions behind him! Shaun ran for his life but he couldn’t get back over the fence. The lions had caught up with him, but started to lick him. The lions were very friendly.
Shaun started to walk home from the zoo. When he got home he went to the shower to wash all the sweat off his body. After five minutes, he got out and got dressed and looked into the mirror to brush his hair, but he was bald! The shampoo was hair removal shampoo, not ordinary shampoo. Shaun wondered how on earth hair removal could get into his shampoo.
He then decided that he wanted KFC for tea, but when he looked in his wallet, he only had 2cents left. So now he had to cook for himself. He decided to go to bed after that. He heard a noise coming from his cupboard and went to look. When he opened the door, he found Jamie holding a bottle of super glue and hair removal. When Shaun asked Jamie if he was behind all the tricks, Jamie said yes. So Shaun called Jamie’s mum.
The next day, nothing went wrong. Shaun got his job back, and the zoo apologised for the lions chasing him. Jamie got grounded for the rest of the year and now had to work for Shaun until he was no longer grounded.
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It was a terrible day of the hot summers in kolkata.actually it was the month of june.this month brings immense joy to choldren because of fresh ripen mangoes but along with that ,it also brings irritation of the summer.we all feel very hot and irritated.on this particular day, i had to wake up early.i dont lile to wake up early in the morning at all so i just felt this day to be a terrible one.the sole reason for all this was the hot and terrible summer.i woke up and had a very bad morning.