Ms. Jay - Quick please! I need help!
Policeman - Yes mam! how may I help you?
Ms. Jay - Just now a young biker, snatched my chain. I need to launch a FIR.
Policeman - Hm..please give details about the place of incident.
Ms.Jay- Privet drive, lane 16...
Policeman- Did you manage to notice the snatcher's face?
Ms.Jay- No...he had a helmet on.
Policeman - What about the number plate? Did you notice that?
Ms.Jay - Yes..I was not a local number...WB4527.
Policeman - We are almost done now...time around which the incident took place?Ms.Jay - around 3 O'clock.
Policeman - OK mam. We hope to catch that man soon. As soon as there's any news we'll inform you.
Ms.Jay - Thank youPoliceman- Our pleasure to help you.
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Me - Sir,help me please!

Policeman - Yes mam.How can I help you?

Me - A young boy has just snatched my gold chain 

Policeman - When did this happen?

Me - just 10 minutes before.

Policeman - Where did this incident took place?

Me - 3rd street of Gandhi Nagar.

Policeman  - Do you notice him or any other identity which could help us?

Me - He seemed to be a 18 years old boy and he wore a red shirt and he had a black hero honda bike.

Policeman - Do u remember the number of his bike?

Me - yeah it is "TN 05 2050"

Policeman - hmm...thankyou for your information mam.We will surely catch him and return your chain.

Me -Thankyou so much sir.Please get him as soon as possible.