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In English , Rhetorical devices are used by the poets in language to communicate effectively and persuade !! I have given a passage which completely give a passage on rhetorical device :- Here it is , :- "Whereas, if after some preparatory grounds of speech by their certain forms got into memory, they were led to the praxis thereof in some chosen short book lessoned thoroughly to them, they might then forthwith proceed to learn the substance of good things, and arts in due order, which would bring the whole language quickly into their power" !
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Rhetoric is a study of useful arguments. I find the study interesting. It was once part of the very basis of education and along with reading and writing it was the "3ed R." Later this was replaced with "arithmetic" and all 3Rs became absorbed under the notion of effective communication. (However, I think that there is value to the separation and overlapping study.) Today some of the study of rhetoric may still be found in the areas of marketing and advertising. We are bombarded with this constantly but our education too often has not given us the tools to understand the rhetoric involved. 
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