On the TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, every day we can hear and read that old, traditional values have devaluated, that they are able to bring nothing good to modern world. But is it really so? In my opinion the nowadays, modern society cannot afford to reject the traditional values. Any society at any time will need some universal and never changing values and rules to provide basement for functioning and development.First of all there are some values which will never devaluate. The set of them is called natural law – some believe they had been given to human by God, the others that they come from the “inside†of the man; the feeling, that one cannot do to somebody else what would be bad for himself. This law is a basic ground for all codes of “formal†law produced ever since by any human civilisation in any part of the world. And it’s surprising how much they all agree about these natural laws.Furthermore every society will need the values which must not change throughout the centuries to support its own functioning and development. The values which will bring order and safety enabling the society to develop and rise. In all known civilisations these values are: family, rejecting killing, murder and theft, honesty, modesty, freedom and religion. The set of these values is present in every religion and belief, every law code and it has been taught to youngsters at all times.In the army there is a saying that the code of regulations had been written with the blood of these who did not comply with it. It can quite as well be said about the traditional values in the modern society ( they are actually some kind of “code of regulations†for life) – they contain the knowledge and experiences of the past generations which are priceless.

Modern - Being more valued, being logical, being advanced is termed today as being modern. Or in other words you can say being lazy, being depended on machine, being restless. Yes because no e are getting lazy. Let us take the example of our daily life. Hmm I know you all are connected to brainly as you are connected to internet. Just once if the speed is slow you get angry like hat is this.? I anted to surf internet .. Ahh. It is just not done. And these are some of the words you say . Aren't you becoming restless? 
On holidays early in the morning Mom says, " wake up beta ! Go get fresh and leave that phone " "Oh mom just surfing net .. Coming.. " And  you don't get up till next hour. Aren't you becoming lazy? 
You are further depended on your alarm clock for waking up early in morning.. Aren't you becoming depended on machines..?
But this "modern society" is also logical. They know that both son and daughter are equal. There is nothing that a son can do and a daughter can not do. 
They do not believe in unwanted rituals. It is good being modern. So be modern.