Name: Malawi, PKA Nyasaland, NN The Warm Heart Of Africa
Location: Southeast Africa, bordered by Zambia (NW), Tanzania (NE), Mozambique (E, S, W). Separated from Tanzania and Mozambique by Lake Malawi.
Data: 118,000 km2 (45, 560 sq mi.), estimated population of 16,777,547 (7/13, EST).
Cities: Largest city Lilongwe (Capital), 2nd largest Blantyre, 3rd largest Mzuzu.
History: Settled by migrating Bantu groups in 10C. Colonized by Brits in 1891. Became part of semi-independent CAF in 1953.  Fed. dissolved in ’63. Nyasaland free by ’64, renamed to Malawi.
Govt. & Def.: Democratic & multi-party. Small MF comprising of army, navy, and air-wing.
Demographics: Agrarian economy, Large rural population. Low LE, high infant-mortality. Diverse population comprising of natives, Asians, & Europeans. Multi-lingual, multi-religion. Cultural practices. and cuisine heavily influenced by local, S.African and overseas.
Traditions: Dance & traditional music, seen at initiations, rituals, weddings, & celebrations. Basketry & mask carving used in traditional ceremonies performed by the natives. Wood carving & oil painting popular in urban areas, sold to tourists.
Sports: Most popular-Soccer. Introduced by Brits. Basketball gaining popularity.
Literature: Several internationally recognized literary figures from Malawi.