Just to tell:- In English we have 2 option either in favor or against i hope in Hindi 2."
  Answer:- Hindi is our national language.In India it is spoken in many homes. But People who said say Hindi not English are quite correct to certain extent but in today's world it has or have to changed without English one can't compete the world. This world understand only English. Though Hindi is our national language but still we have to learn English. Have you ever seen any happiness on your parent face while speaking Hindi(except those who speaks perfect one)? I hope most of you will say i big, NO. And what about saying English.. i hope yes will come. By saying this i didn't meant to say that we must speak English too make parent's happy i meant to say when we speak English our parent's feel somewhere that their child has won the world about 2% of total victories. Another thing is we if we have to speak Hindi than we have to speak pure one means we have to speak original purest of it... but we didn't that.. At last i want to say.. According to latest theories If one know and learn to speak more than one language he 25% more efficient to memories...
Hindi is the national language and spoken by 180 million national is also known as the hindustani language.hindi is native to india,significant communities in south africa,nepal. the writing system is devangiri (brahmic) and hindi is the official language of india and fiji.