This poem by Robert Frost describes his beautiful surroundings like the woods,the snowy surroundings. In this poem,the poet is somewhere between the woods and the place is beautiful, he wants to stay there for some more time but he can't deny his duties. He cannot idle away by just looking at the woods
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The poet stops his horse carriage near a lovely wood in the countryside. He knows the owner but he is at present living in the village. The poet watches the snow falling. He feels the horse may find it strange stopping in between the dark woods and a frozenlake, on a cold winter night. It shakes his harness bells to inquire the reason. There is no farm house here. There is no practical reason for him to waste time there.  No doubt, the woods are attractive and he wants to explore its mystery; but the poet realizes he cannot stay there forever. He has a number of promises to keep and many miles to travel. He cannot take a rest or give in to wayside temptatons before he fulfills his responsibility. The poem is a call to duty. The world of dream and imagination and even the desire to admire the beauty of nature has to give way to the call of duty.
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