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I set out. It was a pleasure to walk in the natural surroundings. I could breathe fresh and pure air. The fields around were full of smiling corn-fields of wheat and gram. Here and there could be seen fields of mustard with yellow flowers waving in the breeze. All this presented a beautiful sight. There were tall trees here and there. Small birds were flying about filling the atmosphere with their chirping. There was no humdrum of city life, no sound of scooters and motor-rickshaw and motor-horns to disturb me. What a peaceful atmosphere all around!I reached my friend's house. He gave me a warm welcome. I was served with the coarse food. There were no formalities of any kind. What a contrast to the artificialities of city life! I went to bed early and had a sound sleep.The Village Scene. I rose up early in the morning. Having a breakfast of milk, butter and 'paranthas' we went out. It was a pleasure to see fields full of sugarcanes. At one place the villagers were preparing 'gur'. At some places the farmers were watering the fields. Persian wheels were working. Women were drawing water and humming sweet songs. Their stout healthy bodies presented a contrast to the sick faces of the women in the town.At some distance was the village tank. There, too women were seen washing clothes and spreading them out in the sun to dry. The village-urchins were seen bathing and splashing water on one another. Here and there in the standing water of the pools buffaloes were seen wallowing in the mud.I stayed in the village for ten days and then came back full of the memories of the country life. I was given an affectionate farewell. One thing, however, made me feel sad. The condition of the village was not as it should be. It was not quite clean. The drains were kacha, not well maintained arid they emitted foul smell. There were mosquitoes and flies which made life a curse. Then there were no amenities of city-life.
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