On the 19th of February, 2015, the Foundation Day of The Society of Historians, our MLA Mr. Ghanshyam Ganjawala visited the Office of the society. It was during his visit that his interview was taken. The first question that came to our mind was why history was being distorted by a lot of politicians to achieve their own goals. Mr. Ganjawala agreed that there were many instances where history was being distorted by politicians to achieve their personal political gains but he was also quick to add that events which have already happened and have been recorded cannot be changed and what these people were doing was merely creating a new interpretation of the incidents to satisfy their narrow mentality and political interests. Shri Ganjawala then stated that his party was against such activities and people who indulged in them were immediately taken to task. We then asked him what the government was doing to preserve the historical sites which were being pilfered and destroyed in the name of development. He replied that all historical sites and buildings of importance and having heritage value were being handed over to the Archeological Survey of India for their maintenance and extra funds were being released to ensure that there was no neglect due to shortage of funds. Finally he was asked as to how he felt about the Historical Society of India and he stated that such societies were the need of the hour to make our youngest generation aware of our rich past and the sacrifices made by our forefathers for which we are enjoying what we are enjoying today. He wished the Society all luck and vowed to provide all help in their development.
Hello i m Anandita from Bhubaneshwar. I m sitting in front of our local MLA.

Me: Hello sir how r u and how is ur party feeling? After all ur party has won the election. 

MLA:  I m gud and how about u? We r quite happy after our party has won the election.

Me: Do u hv any message to give to the ppl who voted for u.

MLA:   I will serve ppl by construction of skools and colleges, girl child education, removal of slums and beggars and making dem responsible members of the society.I m thankful to those ppl who helped.