the Christmas  made the British and German soldiers friends. They were the Germans who waved a white flag and wished the British a happy Christmas. The British reply  with “same to you.” They were surprised when the Germans moved further towards them without arms. . Then they came close, shook hands. The Christmas and the ways of celebrating it were common between the two. They played and sang carols. The two captains talked of their families and their own fields of activities when there was no war.  They liked peace . They wished the disputes between the nations could be resolved by a non-violent way like playing or competing games.

The British and the German troops celebrated Christmas with each other. They enjoyed each other's food. All of them were smoking, laughing, talking, drinking and eating. Hans Wolf and Jim Macpherson shared the cake Connie had baked. They talked about Bathsheba, Gabriel Oak, Sergeant Troy and Dorset. They even talked about the books they liked. They agreed about everything. Both the troops played a game of football for which both Hans and Jim cheered, clapped hands and stamped feet. They also exchanged carols at night. In this way, they celebrated Christmas together, finding a lot in common between them.