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                          The Ringing Magic Of the nature
everything in the world has been created through a wonderful magic, and thats the very reason why we feel an inner most attraction towards all living beings in the nature.nature is always living-it gifts us only something that moves according to its music and respond to all the unanswered questions that arise in ones mind,let it be the clouds or the water fall or the plants or even the humans. and the real answer for its magic is its life itself.nature breathes,feels and loves yet it is roughly been given any care for itself as humans are contained in themselves.a magician have his way of amazing his audience by his splendid trick, there will be many tricks which they may cannot understand but thats what the nature do. there will be many questions which our mind cannot absorb yet we have to learn that all its answers will be in nature itself. you just need to find it!

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