NCERT Ch 10 The Great Stone Face - II English

Write ‘Ernest’ or ‘Poet’, against each statement below.

(i) There was a gap between his life and his words.
(ii) His words had the power of truth as they agreed with his thoughts.
(iii) His words were as soothing as a heavenly song but only as useful as a vague dream.
(iv) His thoughts were worthy.
(v) Whatever he said was truth itself.
(vi) His poems were noble.
(vii) His life was nobler than all the poems.
(viii) He lacked faith in his own thoughts.
(ix) His thoughts had power as they agreed with the life he lived.
(x) Greatness lies in truth. Truth is best expressed in one’s actions. He was truthful, therefore he was great.



(i) Poet
(ii) Ernest 
(iii) Poet
(iv) Ernest 
(v)  Ernest
(vi) Poet
(vii) Ernest
(viii) Poet
(ix) Ernest
(x) Ernest