concave mirrors[ converging mirror]

satellite dishes, head lights of a car ,telescopes,shaving  mirrors, its used by dentists to get a larger image of the teeth ,electron microscope, magnifying glasses, bomb detectors, flash light mirror of a camera.

convex mirrors[diverging mirror]

sunglasses, rear view in vehicles,magnifying glass,street light, in atms , in corners of the road to avoid collision,  telescope,  ceiling dome mirrors

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USES OF CONCAVE AND CONVEX MIRRORS - ​ CONCAVE MIRRORS - used by dentisits.used by ENT doctors.used as reflector in torches.uesd as reflector in telescopes.used for heating purposes.used as solar furnaces.used in shavimg mirrors.CONVEX MIRRORS - used as rear view mirror.used in hallways in various buildings like hospitals, hotels, schools, stores and apartment buildings.used in automated teller machines.used in some camera phones.used as reflector in street lamps.