me: excuse me sir, excuse me sir. I wanna a file a complain. Can I?
policeman(pm): yes sure.... whts the matter?
 me: Today wen i was returning frm my frnd's house 2 young boys who were riding a bike. One of dem was riding and the other was sitting behind his back. He snatched my gold chain. I hv bruises all over my neck. Plzz i need my chain back. It was gifted by my father. 
pm: Sure v ll lodge ur complaint, but before dat u need to sigh on these papers which r quite important. 
me: (after signing) plzzz sir i want my chain back.
pm: V catch a lot of chain snatchers. U don't worry. V hv trained policemen for these kind of situation. U keep calm. V ll try our best.
 me: Plzz sir keep me informed. Thnx a lot.
pm: Its my work. 
You :  Sir, I want to register a complaint. May I ?

Policeman: Yes. Tell me what's the matter in detail.

You :  Sir, just sometime ago, at 2:00 pm I was standing outside a shop waiting            for my cousin to complete his shopping when a couple of men riding on            a motorcycle snatched my gold chain .

Policeman: OK. Tell me where the shop is situated and what is it's name.

You :  The shop  is situated  at St. Louis crossroads on the north-west corner.              It is a shoes shop named "Crazy Footwear".

Policeman : Do you remember anything about the motorcycle or faces of the                           snatchers?

You : Not exactly, but the motorclycle was a Harley Davidson of dark green                colour and the men were wearing jeans pants and had covered their                  mouth with a scarf.

Policeman: If you remember anything, inform us. Till then we will try to find                        the criminals. Thank you.