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     English is the most widely used language throughout the world. As for my side, I also like it very much. English speaking and learning is very useful to communicate with people at different places.
    I will make effort to learn English because first of all, it is very simple to learn compared to other languages and it would add to my qualifications. It is useful to learn about computers that operate on English and are used in each and every field of society today. English, as a language is my favorite subject.
   English is very interesting to learn too. In jobs while working, it becomes a valuable asset. English, as a subject is a scoring one so one can just bring up his score by making some effort for it.
  Personally, I think English is a fascinating language with lots of fun. To learn it is not too difficult and to use it enhances one's personality. It is purely a gentleman's language and so I will make effort to learn it.   
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 English is the international language. About 85% of all knowledge in the world is available in English, more than twice that of any other language. It is the language of international diplomacy. If you want to be an airline pilot, and fly to different countries, you must know English. If you want to be a doctor, English is the standard language, etc., etc. English is studied as a second language more than any other language of the world. In fact, there are more people in China who speak English than in the U.S.A. [Just how well they speak it is another story.] In many former colonies of Great Britain, English is the official language of the government. This is because it is considered to be neutral. 
There is nothing about English that makes it intrinsically better than any other language. It is just a circumstance of history. But that's the fact of life in the world today.
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