Care is the most sentimental word and the most basic feeling for humans. "To care" about someone means "to bother" about someone of " to think of protecting" someone. Care is always related to love. Wherever we see, we always see care i.e. a dog sheltering a pup, a mother stopping her baby from crying etc.
      We humans have nurtured this feeling from ages. We all care for our family, our friends, our relatives, our teachers etc. and some sensitive people care even for strangers. 
      But what exactly is care? When we think that " Oh, he is hurt.Let me help him"
or "What do you need son?" or  "You need a blanket doggy", it signifies our care. Even our slightest thought  about benefiting someone shows we care for him/her. 
    Today , this feeling has started vanishing and other feelings like anger and selfishness are coming up. We should stop this feeling from going extinct truly or we, God's greatesy creation would become his worst one.