NCERT Ch 10 The Great Stone Face - II English

Complete these pieces of conversation using will or going to with the verbs given.

(a) Rani : Why are you turning on the radio?
Ravi : I ___________ (listen) to the news.

(b) Rani : Oh, I can’t buy this book. I have no money.
Ravi : Don’t worry. I ___________ (lend) you some.

(c) Rani : Look at those dark clouds.
Ravi : I think it ___________ (rain).

(d) Rani : What shall we have for dinner?
Ravi : I can’t decide.
Rani : Make up your mind.
Ravi : All right, then. We ___________ (have) fried rice and dry beans.

(e) Rani : Why are you filling the kettle with water?
Ravi : I ___________ (make) coffee.

(f) Rani : We need some bread and butter for breakfast.
Ravi : All right. I ___________ (go) to the bakery and get some.
(Before he goes out, Ravi talks to their father.)
Ravi : I ___________ (get) some bread and butter. Do you want any thing from the bakery?
Father : Yes, I want some salt biscuits.
Ravi : Fine, I ___________ (get) you a packet.




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(a) am going to listen
(b) will lend
(c) is going to rain.
will have
(eam going to make
(f) will go
am going to get
will get
I am going to listen
i will lend
it is going to rain
will have been
i am going to make
i will go
i am going to get
i will got