Good morning everybody. My friends, respected teachers and judges, I         (your name)  from (standard and division) would like to share with you something about ethics in adult.
  Ethics is a system of moral rules and behaviour and adults, we all know are people crossing age of 18. When we bring them together, we get pure gentlemen and gentlewomen.
  Normally, elder teach ethics to young ones, but they too should not forget it. Those table manners, ways to greet different people and speaking only truth are more useful to adults in their daily lives than us.
  Adults should see that their family lives in harmony. Petty things shouldn't be given more attention. Good culture should be cultivated in young ones and that culture should be preserved by adults.
 Adults should see that their family members don't lie to anyone and they themselves should speak truth. they should cultivate a manner in themselves while interacting with other men or women.
 Even though, others could react to them selfishly or angrily but adults should stick to their ethics. Not all adults are same and have ethics but those who have are undoubtedly ahead of others.
It was well said by Immanuel Kant that
"In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights. In ethics, he is guilty even if he thinks of doing so "