a) Lithosphere: It includes the crust of earth and all landforms.

 It provides living organisms a base to live on. It holds water in it's place and provides suitable environment to living organisms. It enables to create different habitats for organisms to survive.

b) Hydrosphere: It includes water surrounding the earth and its reservoirs.
 It provides moisture to living organisms. It controls the temperature of atmosphere and balances it. It provides living organisms with a basic necessity - water. It provides an aquatic medium for different animals and plant species to survive.

c) Atmosphere: It includes the layers of air and different particles                                           surrounding earth.
  It helps organisms to breathe. It protects earth from harmful rays of sun. It protects the Earth from the space rocks and debris. It cools down the Earth using greenhouse effect.
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i)Serves as a source of minerals .
ii)It is the major source of fuels such as coal and natural gas .
iii)It provides nutrients to the plant .

i)It provides an important place for the  human beings and animal to live .
ii)There are nutrients like nitrate , nitrites and other ions dissolved in water which are needed for life to exist in water
iii)It also helps the earth to regulate its temperature .

i)It [ozone] protects the earth from the UV rays of the sun .
ii)It is the conserver , disperser and modifier of heat .
iii)It is the great vibrator of sound , the true sounding board of the world .
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