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English is one of the important language all over the world. It is helpful in many ways. Speaking or conversing in English is a good manner. Everyone students in the school are strictly followed to speak in english. English is an international language. When you go traveling, you will speak English to ask the roads. When you play the computer, you will use English took to other people. In addition, you can know many friends in the world. So, learning English is a good way to communicate for foreign people. English is a general language because we have to use this every day. For example, there are many new technologies, new computers, new machines, and so on. So we need someone who will read, speak, listen, and write English very well. Besides, many companies need good office employees to do international business. Consequently, if you read, write, listen, and speak very well, you will have good occupation for getting jobs. In conclusion, we will know learning English can get three major benefits, which are becoming an international person, communicating with any people in the world, and improving the changes in the job.
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