I threw a pebble 20m high in the air if it fell and settled at the bottom of the lake 12m deep.what is the distance the pebble fell?

does it take any - sign while dropping from peak?
No, when we are taking of distance then we refer to the length of the path it travels, so there is no scope of - sign :)
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The distance it traveled from the ground=20m
the distance from there to back ground=20m
the distance from ground the bottom of the sea=12m

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The total distance travelled by the stone is :
The height reached (When the stone is rising) + The height reached (When the stone is coming down and reaches the land surface) + Depth of lake (When the stone reaches the bottom part of lake).

So, we get : 20 + 20 + 12
= 52m

Hope that helps !!
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