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Parents:Dear,Now you attended the age of marriage.So we think that you need to get married.

Daughter: Mom but i need to complete my post graduation and then ought to work.

Parents: But you have reached the age of marriage dear.

Daughter: Mom i need to pursue my target.Later i will marry.

Parents: You can marry and then get on with your studies.

Daughter: It is not possible in call cases mom.please i need to achieve my goal.

Parents: Ok dear we will agree but say us a proper year that you needed?

Daughter: Thanks mom.I just need 3 more years to achieve all my needs.
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DAUGHTER;  im so scared and worried mom.
MOTHER; why child? what happened?
DAUGHTER; i dont know how im going to manage in my in-law's home.
MOTHER; dont worry dear you will just adjust in two days.
DAUGHTER; in our house i was very independent but in my husband's house i dont know whether i will get that much independence and love which you gave me these years.
MOTHER; my dear child every girl must face these circumstances when she attendes certain age . be happy dear . your in-law and husband will care you like a queen.
DAUGHTER; but they cant love me like you mom . no love is greater than yours in this world mom . i love u so much mom
MOTHER; i too love u so much dear .
DAUGHTER;mom im gonna miss all these things especially you.
MOTHER; if u wanna see me then just come to our home . always this door will be kept opened for you. now wipe your tears and come soon . i wanna see my charming daughter getting married.
DAUGHTER; okay mom . love you mom.
MOTHER; love you too child.
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