Parents : Daughter we think u shouldn't continue your studies but get married .
Daughter : But dad I want to continue my studies get a job & then I will marry                       someone .
Parents :  But the man u will marry will already have a job then why u will do any                 job then ?
Daughter : Dad please . I know he has a job but I want to have my own job as                     well.
Parents : ( angrily ) No you don't need to have a job .
Daughter : ( insist ) but I like to do my job please dad .
Parents : Ok then you will continue your studies & do a job
Daughter : thanks a lot dad ( hugs them )

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Parents:Dear,Now you attended the age of marriage.So we think that you need to get married.

Daughter: Mom but i need to complete my post graduation and then ought to work.

Parents: But you have reached the age of marriage dear.

Daughter: Mom i need to pursue my target.Later i will marry.

Parents: You can marry and then get on with your studies.

Daughter: It is not possible in call cases mom.please i need to achieve my goal.

Parents: Ok dear we will agree but say us a proper year that you needed?

Daughter: Thanks mom.I just need 3 more years to achieve all my needs.