Geeta-Mom i want to study at higher levels like others and become a higher level women.
Mom-And what would you do after that . You have to get married So whats the need of spending so much money.
Geeta-Mom now is our generation not like yours that if girls are young then they get married.Many women had shown it that if they want they can succed without depending on man.
if you want more conversation then you can continue it otherwise there are lots of saas bahoo serials hang in it
Geeta - Mom I want to become a doctor 
Mom - No,only boys can do this
Geeta - But why not me mom?
Mom - Because in India,Girls can only do household works and then girls have to marry
Geeta - Mom it's not fair.Today boys and girls both are equal
Mom - No,boys and girls are not equal.Just go away and do some work otherwise I have to beat you.