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Given:a and b are two positive integers where a>b
To prove: a+b/2 and a-b/2 is odd and the other is even 
We know that any positive integer is of the form q,2q+1
let a=2q+1 and b=2m+1 where q and m are some whole nos.

---> a+b/2=(2q+1)+(2m+1)/2
              = 2q+2m+2/2
              = 2(q+m+1)/2
              =q+m+1 which is a +ve  integr
now,on substituting the values of a and b in a-b/2
we get a-b/2=q-m
GIVEN, a>b
         therefore, 2q+1>2m+1
 Thus,a-b/2 is a +ve integer
 Now we've to prove that a+b/2 and a-b/2 is either odd or even
 assume that a+b/2  -   a-b/2
                 =a+b-a+b/2=2b/2=b  which is an odd +ve integer
Also we proved that a+b/2 and a-b/2 are +ve integers
We know that the diffrence of 2 +ve intg. is an odd no. if one of them is odd and the other is even(also,diff. between two odd and two even integ. is even)

Hence it is proved

Hope it helps!!!!

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